Take the first step to making a lasting impression.

Mobile Friendly

Designed as a perfect fit for the most popular format for reading email.


A smart, professionally designed signature that promotes your company brand.

Social Media

Add icons with links that make it easy for your contacts to connect with you.

HTML Layout

Template-based for consistent look on all signatures.

Attachment icon

Your contacts only see an attachment icon for actual attachments.

Promotional Banners

Adding a banner to your email signature is a great way to promote your business using a call to action that increases both brand awareness and profits. Highlight products and services, blogs, special events, seasonal greetings and more. Responsive to both desktop and mobile formats, graphics can be static or animated with links to a specific page on your website. Every email sent out by your team can be changed all at once to a new campaign automatically without the need to configure or re-install any signature files. Banners can also be turned off when there is no active promotion.