Architectural Visualization

At Model Vision Studios, we use a combination of sophisticated 3d modeling and rendering applications to create photo-realistic images that effectively communicate project design to your clients. FormZ is a 3d solid modeling software that allows for the building of any shape imaginable quickly and easily. We can build your project from scratch or import your existing project model as a starting point. Maxwell Render is a state of the art rendering program that allows for the ability to change individual light sources even after the scene is fully created. This allows us the ability to fine-tune a rendering, creating just the right feel, in a much shorter period of time. It is also possible to create separate day and evening lighting conditions from the same rendering. We invite you to view our gallery below.


Interactive 3D Models

This feature allows you and your clients to see their new home or renovation plans from any angle.

The example shown is an exterior study model showing the basic design on a contoured base.