Getting In The Groove


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Getting In The Groove

wdt_ID Date Bal Fwd Item Monthly Add-On Total Total
27 12 Oct 2017 0 6 Referral Sessions for UNTD - Thank you 0 6 15.00 6.00
28 23 Feb 2018 6 Add post to blog with video link 0 -2 0.00 4.00
29 09 Apr 2018 4 Remove "now in our 11th year" 0 -1 0.00 3.00
∑ = 0 ∑ = 3
Management Plan: None
Monthly Sessions: 0
Renewal Date:
Add-On Discount: 0%
Coupon Code:
This is a list of updates and session credits made to your account listed by date. The newest entry is on top.

The total sessions on hand is a combination of paid Add-On Sessions and Monthly Sessions that are awarded as part of an active Management Plan.

Sessions used for updates are always taken from the Monthly Sessions account first, if available.

To purchase Add-On Sessions or sign up for a Management Plan, logout and visit the Store Page on our site.

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