Introducing e-Concierge
For Property Management

Whether you manage one property or one hundred, it’s important to have an effective way to share information with the residents of your communities.

e-Concierge is a dedicated web portal for your property management company allowing for a two-way communication with the residents of all your properties – all from the same web site.

Residents enter the site from a secure login that directs them to their particular building. Once on the site, they can see the most up-to-date information from news and announcements to legal documents. They can also share information with property management including maintenance requests, questions or submit other reports.


Secure Login In

Residents and property managers enter the site through a private and secure gateway that directs them to the appropriate page for their building.

Personalized Home Page

Each logged-in resident will be greeted with a welcome message displaying their own name, giving a nice personal touch.

Digital Signatures

A signature field can be added to any form or document if required. Mobile users can also sign with built in touch device support.


Upload any number of important documents including legal notices, building by-laws and board meetings to be printed or downloaded by residents.

Maintenance Form

This feature allows residents to submit a request for service issues that is emailed directly to property management.

Incident Report

When something seems out of the ordinary, such as a possible break-in or vandalism to a property, residents have the ability to inform property management.

Event Calendar

Upcoming events are listed by the date in which they will occur with a link to more information. Once complete, they are automatically removed from the list.

News and Announcements

Let residents know the latest news and announcements as well as any newsletters you wish to post.

Suggestion Box

Residents can send any suggestions they may have to property management using a simple online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Save time addressing the same questions over and over by posting answers to frequently asked questions in one convenient module.

Community Form

Let all residences of a community share common interests through a dedicated forum. Perfect for babysitting or parking spot rentals.

Multiple Properties

For your convenience, any number of properties can be managed from the same web portal.

Free 30 Day Trial

Try e-Concierge free for 30 days with up to 5 properties in your portfolio.
Set up a user for each property and upload unlimited news, events and documents.
No credit card needed.


e-Concierge Resident Portal

★ includes one property

This is a stand-alone package that combines a custom designed website with one property.

$85 / mo

Add-on Properties

E-Concierge can host any number of properties in your portfolio. Price shown is for each additional property.

$55 / mo

Create a Plan


Ready to get started? Your paid subscription includes hosting and domain name, site backup, unlimited users, unlimited content updates and administrator login.

Use this form to calculate the total amount of your subscription based on the number of properties you would like to include with e-Concierge.

Send us the form and we will email you a link to subscribe to your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
E-Concierge is a stand-alone website hosted by Model Vision Studios with your own unique URL. We recommend adding a navigational link on your company website that directs the residents of your communities to the private login page for your e-Concierge web portal.

Each user is linked with their own property. When they log in, they are directed to a private site where specific pages for their building are displayed. The system allows each user the ability to change their own password.

E-Concierge is built on the WordPress CMS platform.

Can menu items be dedicated to certain property types?
Yes. For example, if all your condominium properties use the same documents, they can be updated globally.
What is the Events calendar?
Upcoming events are displayed by date with special pop-ups to show more information. When the event has come and gone, it is automatically removed from the list.
How do our clients contact us?
Contact information for the property management company is displayed in the footer of every page on your e-Concierge site.
Can forms be sent from the website?
Yes. Forms can be filled out and sent online. The information is sent to your corporate office with a confirmation email sent to the user. Images and other data can also be uploaded with the forms.
Can we update our own sites?
Updates to your e-Concierge site are included in your subscription. However, if you wish to make your own changes, we will be happy to offer support through the use of video tutorials.
What is the purpose of the bulletin board?
Each property has a dedicated forum. Logged in users automatically have access to the forum for their location. It allows them to share posts with other residents. Topics can include babysitting, carpools, etc.

The forum can be moderated by your corporation.

What is your payment policy?
There are no set up fees. All subscriptions are paid monthly by PayPal or credit card.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime. Your subscription is flexible and can be upgraded to include more properties or lowered if fewer properties are required.

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