Introducing e-Concierge

E-Concierge is a web portal for property management companies. It guarantees that all residents have private access to the most up to date information and documents 24 / 7.

All properties in your portfolio are managed from the same website hosted on our own server.

Other Features:

✅ Private login

✅ Personalized home page

✅ Community Forum

✅ News and Events calendar

✅ Embedded PDF for documents

✅ Frequently asked questions

✅ Maintenance forms

✅ Incident reports

✅ Suggestion box


e-Concierge Resident Portal

★ includes one property

The e-Concierge web portal is a stand-alone package that combines a custom designed website with one property.

It is installed as a subdomain of the corporate site incurring no additional hosting costs.

What is included:

✅ Graphic design

✅ Up to 10 navigational menu links

✅ Login screen

✅ User registration form

✅ One property with documents and data

✅ Unlimited users

✅ Multiple property capabilities

✅ Administrator login for online editing

✅ Installation of site on subdomain


$99 / mo

Add-on Properties

E-Concierge can host any number of additional properties in your portfolio. They are added to the pre-installed e-Concierge Resident Portal inheriting the same graphic design and features of the main site.

Price shown is for each additional property.

What is included:

✅ Shared graphic design

✅ Property documents and data setup

✅ Unlimited users


$79 / mo

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
E-Concierge is a stand-alone website with access through a Client Login link that is added to the navigation menu of the corporate site.

Each user is linked with their own property. When they log in, they are directed to a private site where specific pages for their building are displayed. The system allows each user the ability to change their own password.

Does it require additional costs for hosting?
No. There is no need for additional hosting or domain names.

The website is set up as a subdomain of the main corporate website. With the exception of the added Client Login link, no changes are made to the main website. The link can easily be added by your webmaster.

Can menu items be dedicated to certain property types?
Yes. For example, if all your condominium properties use the same documents, they can be updated globally.
What is the Events calendar?
Upcoming events are displayed by date with special pop-ups to show more information. When the event has come and gone, it is automatically removed from the list.
How do our clients contact us?
Contact information for the property management company is displayed in the footer of every page on the site.
Can forms be sent from the website?
Yes. Forms can be filled out and sent online. The information is sent to the corporate office with a confirmation email sent to the user. Images and other data can also be uploaded with the form.
Can we update our own sites?
Absolutely. The website uses the WordPress format and allows the website to be updated online.
What is the purpose of the bulletin board?
Each property has a dedicated forum. Logged in users automatically have access to the forum for their location. It allows them to share posts with other residents. Topics can include babysitting, carpools, etc.

The forum is moderated by the corporation.

What is your payment policy?
A deposit of 50% is required upon the start of the project. A demo site is setup for you to view with your comments. Upon your approval, the remaining 50% payment is required at which time the site will be transferred.

Payment methods include: PayPal, Credit Card, Cheque and E-Transfer.